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A hermetic peri-implant soft tissue seal is essential for the implant survival and success rate. The one-staged implant restoration procedure has gained tremendous attention in the recent years. The use of digital workflow (CEREC) with SKY elegance abutment ( Bio-HPP directly pressed on a titanium base) reduces chairside time and cos.
Prophylaxis is one of the important factors influencing the success rate of implants. The combination of regular recalls coupled with professional and non-professional cleaning is essential. Each patient is different and would therefore require a personalized prophylaxis plan. There are different instruments and motivation methods available. This article explores how to achieve good prophylaxis in a reproducible manner.
Implant dentistry is an inter-disciplinary field. It is important for the dentist and dental technician to work together at equals. Understanding the job of each other and the associated limitations provides a solid foundation for effective collaboration.
The use of full-arch ceramic restorations on implants offer high aesthetics, however it has drawbacks such as poor shock absorbency, difficulty to alter once the restoration has been delivered and high long-term cost due to chipping. New materials such as the Visio.lign offset these drawbacks and give the added advantage of being incredibly resilient to staining and plaque adhesion. It can be used in CAD/CAM process.

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