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This novel  study assessed the preservation of the dental papillae through PET in adjacent anterior region, in combination with a novel kind of definitive hybrid abutment-SKY elegance, which enables the immediate restoration of the implants using the One-Time-Therapy protocol i.e. no abutment change. Pre-operative volumetric analysis was compared with the post-operative data to tabulate the overall loss of tissue volume from the buccal aspect. The results showed good maintenance of the alveolar contours around adjacent implants. When adjacent teeth are missing in the aesthetic zone, the PET could be an alternative to extensive grafts.
Immediate loading is a therapeutic approach that has demonstrated long-term results regarding high reliability and efficacy. Short and ultra-short implants are now increasingly used for the classical protocol. While short and ultra-short implants have also been used in immediate restorations, it is often recommended not to load these types of implants.
Systemic use of anti-microbial therapy after oral treatments has been increasingly frowned upon due to the potential development of MDR and alternatives have been proposed. In this article, the use of of low-level-laser-therapy (HELBO) as an adjuvant to mechanical debridement delivers improved outcomes.
Patients are more willing to accept implant -retained full-arch prostheses when the treatment time is shorter. Using the single cast technique in combination with Bio-HPP, patients can receive their temporary full-arch prostheses 4 hours after the surgery. This article suggests a standard laboratory protocol for the production of full-arch implant-retained prostheses.

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